• An opportunity for socially and financially disadvantaged students aged 10-21 to study music and drama to a high level.
  • A fully comprehensive performance training program including speech and drama, voice coaching, singing, choir training, learning an instrument, tribal drumming, team building skills, life coaching and playing in a band.
  • Selection procedure emphasizes potential rather than previous experience or knowledge.
  • A chance for young people from lower income families to be involved in informal and formal performances and receive accreditation from internationally recognised examining bodies.
  • The cost also includes subsidized examination entry fees from international awarding bodies.
  • The program is initially for 1 calendar year consisting of 3 school terms with the aim of extending scholarships on an annual basis to deserving students. Selected students must follow the program and attend consistently.
  • Inspire provides a safe environment for cultural integration and social development through group sessions, classes and performances.



With many thanks to our sponsors for 2016



Some testimonials from our scholarship students

"I always wanted to sing but I never had the chance until I started the scholarship, this is my favourite class and my voice has improved a lot! The Drama classes I attend have helped me built my confidence to speak in public. I also take Tribal drumming and guitar lessons. I have performed in public with Tribal drumming and my rock band from Inspire. The best part about the Inspire Scholarship is that our teachers are so nice, they are like our friends. I get to meet a lot of new people and I learned to never lose hope in myself because If I want to do something I can do it."  Anagheem (15 years) - Bahraini


"I learnt lots of things at Inspire and learnt how to be confident to sing and speak. I met lots of new friends at Inspire and made memories with them. The inspire scholarship program was the best opportunity in my whole life and I'll never forget how amazing it was. I hope I get selected for next year too."  Jawaher (12 years) - Bahraini


"A year ago I did not know what LAMDA was, now I have a Grade 5 Distinction. I really thank Inspire for their skills in bringing out the latent talent from people of all ages, including me. How they teach really is inspiring and must be spread to everyone. There's no common core in their teachings, instead they reach the core of every heart of every student and bring out their individual potential as a person."  Rence (15 years) - Filipino


"Inspire has made me think big, like HUGE! The people who help me are very inspiring. They have taught me lots of new things like drama and tribal drumming. Paddy has taught me to play bass guitar and singing which I love. I also love performing. I have lots of new friends."  Adnan (14 years) - Bahraini


"Inspire has changed me a lot as a person in a good way. I'm a more confident and brave person now especially because of drama classes. I've acquired better acting skills and before joining inspire, acting skills were non existent in me. I was taught how to play the bass and I've been inspired to continue to practice slap bass during summer holidays. The piano classes gave me better insight on music notes and on how to play the piano better. Tribal drumming showed me how fun it can be to make cool beats. I was also taught how to sing and changed my opinion of me not having any singing capabilities. And, I've been assigned to be a tenor for choir."  Sas (17 years) - Sri Lankan


"Before I start I wanna thank Lydia, Carol, Paddy for letting us have this amazing opportunity. It’s so amazing! We were too shy at first and when we started in LAMDA classes we became more confident. We became more confident in singing too! We even started new instruments, became in a band, we've also performed all of our stuff at inspire and other places."  Alia (14 years) - Bahraini


"Through Inspire I have met people from different cultures and beliefs, I have experienced many new things . I have learnt to sing in a choir, sing in a band, play the guitar, and african drum. Perform in malls and on stages, write original songs and so much more. No matter what is happening in my life whenever I enter Inspire I feel like all my problems disappear. Inspire is not just a school for the arts, it’s a home. Everyone cares for each other and brings out the best in each other, we are a family."  Yasmeen (18 years) - Bahraini


"What I have learned from Inspire is not to be shy, I have made lots of friends and I love learning to drum. When I grow up maybe I will be a drummer."  Ali (11 years) - Bahraini


"The scholarship has truly been a blessing that could not have come at a better time. People around me have noticed how much I have changed this past year. I give all that to inspire. I have become much more confident as the year progressed. Before joining the scholarship program, I was unable to perform due to my nerves taking over however now, not only am I able to perform, I love doing so. I believe this is down to the loving, family environment in which we are encouraged to thrive. I am in my last year of school and the confidence I have gained from being part of such a loving team will surely help me in the future as I begin applying to universities. I have taken LAMDA exams which have also given me an advantage for when I apply to competitive universities. I have made many friends of all ages from all walks of life at inspire and that is something that will stay with me forever."  Chantal (17 years) - Bahraini


"Through the scholarship I have met a whole chunk of people who are crazily talented and supportive. I have met friends who play a massive role in my life, people I would not change for the world. At Inspire there is so much more than music and drama, there's a whole family. To put it simply, this scholarship has given me the opportunity to learn about music, theatre skills, teamwork, friendship, and commitment. I dream that one day I will be on a West End stage. This scholarship is a small step in a little Saudi girls big dreams. Who knows what my future holds? Maybe I will be the first Saudi girl to perform in the West End!"  Deema (15 years) - Saudi Arabian


"This scholarship is an opportunity of a lifetime. I am always inspired by how much Lydia saw something in me when I didn't see it. In vocals I used to be shy and sing softly thinking to myself if I made a mistake no one would hear me. In drama I would never lead and in drums I would deny the fact that I can play. I'm glad to say that now I sing confidently, proudly accepting my voice and talents. In drama I speak my mind if I have an idea, I don't keep it to myself anymore I speak up to be heard. I’m also playing drums in a band which makes me feel kinda cool. I used to be a person who would look in the mirror and say I want to be her and now I am her. And that girl that had a dream, she now has hope, the one with aspiration, she is now inspired, and her low self esteem and lack of confidence is no longer there. Now she is a person so grateful you cannot imagine. To be an Inspire Scholar means so much to her.  Alya (15 years) - Bahraini


During my scholarship this year at Inspire I've learned a lot of different skills from playing the guitar a whole lot better to having a more open personality towards others. I was not able to do much in terms of music or public speaking before I joined this program but now, I know for certain that I've improved big time. Inspire has also immensely boosted my confidence and social skills to cope with an audience, and even something as important as an interview. Bottom line is that I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to be with Inspire and be a scholar, it's changed my life.  Minol (15 years) - Sri Lankan