Ladies Drumming Morning

Age Group: Adult

Feel the heartbeat of your soul as rhythm and fun come together as one! Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries. Whatever your age, occupation or cultural background everyone communicates through the language of rhythm.  

This session is a perfect opportunity to relieve stress and beat out your agression on a drum.  Djembes are pretty durable and you can give them a good slap without any repercussions!

Learn about offbeats, syncopation, polyrhythms, cross-rhythms, call and response and lots more in our fun, relaxed and sociable sessions.  Drumming awakens primal feelings and the joy of this music is infectious to all around. Aside from the physical sensation of deep vibrations pulsing through one's body, the oneness with others in the group creates a glowing expression of unity.  Smiles all round!



Wednesday 10-11am.