Musical Fun for little ones

Music can ignite the imagination, increase intellect and stimulate the senses. Expose those budding young minds to the sights and sounds offered in one of our lively music classes. 

Through a wide range of different action songs and exploration of percussion instruments, children develop advanced complex hand-eye, hand-to-hand and right-left brain coordination that greatly increases their ability for multi-tasking and complex brain activity, spatial cognition and fine motor skilled activities such as typing and writing. 

Playing instruments not only helps develop ambidexterity, but also encourages children to become comfortable in naturally uncomfortable positions. Enhancing coordination and perfecting timing can prepare children for other hobbies, like dance and sports.  

All children are exposed to a world of musical instruments and styles through stimulating play based learning with opportunities to play percussion, dance and act, invent musical stories and have lots of musical fun!!



Sunday 4.30-5.30pm.   Click this link