Age Group: 5 Years - Adult

The trumpet is an instrument with a very long history, originally used as a signalling device for hunting and ceremonial purposes. It is the highest pitched of all the brass instruments and is also the lightest, making it a much easier task for small hands to pick up and learn than some other members of the same instrumental family. The trumpet is a prominent instrument in orchestras, brass bands and jazz bands. It is even heard in reggae bands! This makes the trumpet a surprisingly versatile instrument compared to what many may think at first.

Learning the trumpet helps students develop fingering techniques and breath control. Playing a brass instrument increases breath control and can also reduce the effects of asthma. Due to the many ways and places it can be played, the trumpet can be a valuable instrument for people to learn how to read music and also how to jam and improvise with other musicians. It can be used interchangeably as an accompanying or a soloing instrument, so players have the option to be in the sidelines or the spotlight!