Hand Drums

Age Group: 3 Years - Adult

Your hands speak through the drum. It is the voice of the soul, a direct connection to our inner being. This is made clear when trying to talk while playing: it's very difficult, as if the same parts of the brain are used to compose speech and to control drumming.

Previously shy, retiring people soon feel wonderfully free once they have a drum in their hands and get used to making it speak.  For many people from a more reserved culture, just the act of making a loud noise has been discouraged for much of their life through repeated social conditioning.  So having permission at last to indulge in such elemental noise making can be very liberating and this freedom doesn't rub off.  Once you've experienced the joy of drumming, this act of extrovert expression has knock-on effects and makes you feel more at ease in groups of people.  Playing solo is very similar to public speaking: quite nerve-racking at first, but easy once you get into it.  A drum circle provides an ideal safe place to learn and master these skills: failure (and the resulting laughter) is encouraged to break down fears and build confidence.  

However if you feel that you would rather get to grips with the basics in a one to one or shared lesson then please book a time slot with us.  

Similarly if your child has a passion for music and has the concentration level to manage an individual lesson then hand drumming is the recommend starter instrument as it teaches the fundamental rudiments of music necessary to play any instrument.