For those of you out there who believe drumming to be just about rhythm and noise, you are wrong! The art of drumming possesses a huge variety of benefits in all aspects of day to day life. Most of the skills and techniques learned with drumming can be applied to other situations. And for all the parents with hyper active kids, drumming just may be the solution to bringing back the focus in your young ones. So before you judge drumming, know that there are pluses beyond being musical.

Getting your young ones to start playing the drums is a great way to help them take out their excess energy on something that is very useful, and physical. Drumming is a physical activity, one that takes a lot of energy. Sit on a stool, move your hands and feet around the kit at fast speeds, for long periods of time, and see how you feel. Tired? Its not an easy job. The cardio muscles in drummers are much more developed than in non-drummers. For all the parents out there who have trouble getting their young ones to get some exercise, try sitting them on a drum kit. Not only will they get the exercise they need, they will also have fun!

Drummers are a different breed of people - they are set apart from other musicians. They have a totally different job, and different feel with their instrument. They are required to be able to move, and separate themselves from the rest of the band. Although they are still musicians, and share much of the same qualities, you cannot really compare a drummer to a melodic musician.


Monday 3.30-4pm (5-7 YEARS)

Tuesday 3-3.30pm (Beginners)

Saturday 1-1.30pm (Intermediate)

Saturday 3.30-4pm (Beginners)

Saturday 4-4.30pm (Beginners)


9BD for a class of 2 students