why inspire?

Why choose a performing arts based organisation to organise and devise your corporate teambuilding event?  

Simply because we are confident that we can inspire your team.  

We promote confidence, authenticity and excellence.

Be the best because you are the best is our attitude and we hope that we can impart this confidence into the heart of your organisation.  

Every day of our lives we are called to perform whether we like it or not.  From the moment a toddler can speak they are encouraged to do so in public.  By using a range of dynamic experential activities we aim to generate unity within the employee community, breaking down cultural barriers and limiting beliefs, increasing trust levels, improving vocal and physical communication skills, and developing conflict resolution skills and non-verbals.  Our workshops focus on the key skills required by anyone leading a team or those required to work within one. 

The success of any organization, large or small, depends greatly upon collaboration within the organization, and our tailor made programs are designed to work toward that goal by boosting morale, establishing trust and highlighting those key elements that turn a loosely bound group of individuals into dynamic and inspired team. 


teambuilding event options

Choose from a list of available teambuilding activities or ask our experts to design a tailormade program for you!


tribal drumming

vocal awareness workshop

dynamic performance

identity ladder

widening the window

breaking barriers - building bridges

conflict resolution

theatre skills for the office

increase your joy




full day team building event

The Unity Community

The workshop shall focus on the following objectives:

  • Break down barriers of culture and socio-economic structure in the workplace.
  • Create an empowered team synergy through fun experiential bonding activities.
  • Assist participants to examine their actions and behaviors and understand what they can do differently to improve their individual and team performance.
  • Increase trust levels between staff.
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs between team members.
  • Re-enforce good communication practices, and enable reading of non-verbal signals to avoid and/or resolve conflict in the workplace.
  • Re-enforce the importance of teamwork.

What will be covered?

  • Vocal Awareness, Identity and Self-Expression
  • Unity through equality using the medium of tribal drumming
  • Building trust learning to communicate using non-verbal skills
  • Conflict resolution and reading non-verbal signals
  • Stepping outside the comfort zone 
  • Releasing potential
  • Breaking down limiting beliefs


This is an interactive, fast paced, practical, energetic experiential based learning experience. The workshops impart understanding and knowledge through activities that are involving, meaningful and relevant to the workplace and that can become a central platform for learning how to work, laugh and communicate with each other.


inspiring partnerships

Inspire Bahrain joins forces with Dubai Drums, Jupiter Eclipse and Challenger Team to create unique corporate, youth and community team building programs which include a wide range of team activities including tribal drumming, verbal and non-verbal communication games and a host of exciting indoor experential tasks and outdoor adventure pursuits




Inspiring Employees


  • To build trust and unity through equal opportunities and breaking down limiting beliefs
  • To increase vocal awareness, improve and enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills 
  • To develop an understanding of personal and corporate identity through lively experential activities 
  • To encourage team members to step outside their comfort zone

Target Group:
Employees and staff at all levels and functions within an organization.

Inspiring Youth


  • Cultural Development – increasing awareness of Bahrain’s historical background and traditions amongst the youth of today
  • Practical Leadership Training – using a variety of hands on experiential activities we aim to develop the next generation of young leaders
  • Team Spirit Program – using a range of team activities including tribal drumming, verbal and non-verbal communication games and outdoor adventure pursuits we will foster a spirit of trust and unity amongst participants whilst increasing levels of performance on an individual and team basis
  • Performing Arts Opportunities - MASK Musical Theatre Productions
  • Student Scholarship Scheme 

Target Group:
Youth of all ages, Bahraini and expatriate. Employee families.

Inspiring the Community


  • Student Sponsorship Scheme – to enable low income Bahraini and expatriate residents of all ages to benefit from training in communication & performance skills, music & drama.
  • CARE (Community Action and Reinforcing Engagement) – involving individuals with various initiatives to impact social change and to create a heightened sense of social responsibility.
  • Sponsoring MASK Theatre Company – non profit, annual Broadway style music theatre productions featuring local expatriate and Bahraini children, youth and adults.
  • Inspire Arts Festival – annual arts festival providing fine arts workshops, concerts, talks and an art exhibition featuring local artists, all free of charge to the community.

Target Group:
All Bahraini and expatriate residents, adults, youth, children and families.