Inspiring leaders

Our Inspire team is a community of highly creative individuals working to empower a generation of passionate leaders and dedicated team players.

The world we want to experience is where everyone leads with integrity and embraces living in possibility. A world where nothing is impossible and where everyone is aware of their own gifts and is empowered to use them for the greater good.

Let us revitalise your team leaders, breath life back into your workplace and change the atmosphere in your community through our own unique approach to leadership and team synergy.

At Inspire we believe in a servant leadership approach incorporating the fundamentals of communication, co-operation, co-ordination and commendation as basic leadership principles.


inspiring trust

If you are reading this then you are either a leader or you aspire to lead others. Before going any further, ask yourself this important question; do you inspire trust in others?

Building trust is one of the most fundamental foundations to effective leadership.

John Maxwell highlights the importance of trust and identifies 4 clear levels of trust within a corporation. Maxwell said, “Only when people have something to lose does trust have any meaning.” If the level of trust in your workplace is too low, then what are you going to do to improve it? Remember, trust is an inside job, and it always it starts with you.

  • Does the vision of the organisation you lead match your own heart and ethics?
  • Do the actions of your team leaders reflect the heart of your organisation?
  • Are your executives role models for others to follow?
  • Do they behave in a consistent way with all groups of people?


INSPIRING authenticity

Your identity needs to be your beacon of light, the pinnacle of who you are and the company whom you represent. When you are confident of your identity and authenticity then you will not feel threatened by promising young leaders. When you are confident that your public persona is in line with your beliefs and values then you will become a role model and an inspiration.

In order to become an effective leader who is esteemed and valued by your team you must show that you esteem and value them as individuals and valuable members of your corporation. In essence you need to look for the gold in people.


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Our leadership training addresses the following needs as required:

Authenticity - Does it do what it says on the tin?

breaking barriers/building bridges


utopia in the workplace

dynamic performance


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