Dynamic performance training

Whether you are in business, human resources, banking and finance, media or education, the need to perform in a dynamic and inspiring way is crucial to empowering your team and progressing along your own personal career path.

Good diction, breathing skills, projection, posture and tonal understanding are vital aspects of your personal and corporate presentation skills.

In theatre and performance we recognize the importance of non-verbal expression and the ability to decode physical signals. In the workplace and in other areas of life such non-verbal signals are often ignored in an effort to avoid confrontation. When we ignore non-verbals, we miss clues that reveal levels of engagement in a project or team. We miss feedback about effective or ineffective procedures. We can miss developing our teams and building trust or even community.

In Dynamic Performance we aim to take you out of your comfort zone and transform you into an inspired and resourceful leader or team player.

Using a mixture of vocal sounds, body percussion and any available piece of furniture or equipment and drums we will divide into groups to come up with a unique and original piece of “music” or sound world that features solo moments of speech, music or rhythm from each individual as well as a creative piece of inspired teamwork.  Let creativity flow and witness individuals stepping into roles outside of their comfort zones.

Reducing inhibitions through building trust is a very effective way of empowering individuals in your team. If you want to step outside your comfort zone without anyone else’s knowledge then this is the time to do so. Whilst lying on the floor in your own space find your voice and let yourself freely experiment as we create a soundscape.

In breakaway groups create an original and unique drumming and/or vocal piece using the skills and ideas developed in the first session. Finish with a performance from each group.