Through the use of inner rhythms, our own names and familiar words associated with your organisation we will use djembe drums to create an exciting tribal drumming experience. Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries; personal, organizational or cultural.  Following a brief icebreaker session participants will then have the opportunity to really dive into the heart of corporate unity through the drum circle medium.  Group drumming facilitates an empowered team synergy and provides a fun, interactive environment that empowers each individual to share his or her creative spirit.

When your team joins the drum circle they are a group of individuals, each with their own unique concerns, fears, worries, and stress from their lives. A certain amount of tension and nervousness will fill the air as some participants wonder if they will be able to overcome their inhibitions. This is normal and is a valuable part of the experience. 

Once the professional drum circle facilitator begins leading the group with a basic heart beat rhythm, tension releases and nervousness will give way to smiles and quick glances to others in the drum circle. Some participants will breath a sigh of relief and most will take deep breaths. The healthy benefits of drumming begin with the first beat.

The drum circle is a powerful and fun experience allowing a deep connection to be made between the positively invigorating physical and auditory sensations of the drumming with the important psychological meaning and purpose of the corporate message being delivered.

The stress and concerns of the individuals as they entered the drum circle give way to fresh new positive thoughts about themselves, each other, and the organisation they work for.
Some participants will rise up and dance as others laugh and drum along with the incredible rhythm they all play a part in. The entire experience transforms the positive corporate drum circle experience into beneficial health and work related changes with lasting results.


Orchestras of enlightenment

Using a mixture of vocal sounds, body percussion and any available piece of furniture or equipment, in combination with tribal drums, we will divide into groups to come up with a unique and original piece of “music” or sound world that features solo moments of speech, music or rhythm from each individual as well as a creative piece of inspired teamwork.


junk it up!

In teams, we will use anything and everything we can lay our hands on to make our own junk percussion drumkits and then create our own group drumming extravaganzas for a grand play off!

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