The fruit of our inspiration

happy students, happy parents, happy clients


A breath of fresh air

"Inspire is a breath of fresh air for Bahrain. I have been extremely happy with the quality of the work in music and drama and my two children have grown in confidence whilst mixing with an eclectic group of young people. Inspire is such an asset to the community offering provisions across ages. I recommend it unreservedly!"

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, Executive Coach and MD |




What Inspire Bahrain has done for my child

When I first met Lydia at the Al Osra Super Market, Saar where the registration where going on – I was not sure what and with whom I am entrusting my child with. I had never met Lydia before or known her background. She did introduce herself and gave a brief description about herself and her work. Still skeptical I enrolled my child with her. Today when I look back, I don’t think I have seen a more talented – if I can say MULTI - Talented, dedicated, hard-working, focused, excellent teacher (….the list can go on) like Lydia.

Carole Wall – She has always been there from day 1 – the back – bone of Inspire Bahrain.

To bring out the best in a child, you need a good teacher / mentor. Diva has evolved a lot after joining Inspire Bahrain - from being a shy child to being able to perform exceptionally well in front of a crowd, quite immediately after joining Inspire Bahrain. She got the opportunity to participate & win in different competitions in Bahrain, enrolled for professional exams and came out with flying colors – especially LAMDA exams in which she got the highest score amongst her age group. From an introvert to a confident child, Inspire Bahrain has truly lived up to its name.

Geetha Lobo, FLMI, Underwriter - Life,  Arig, Bahrain |




Wedding Testimony

In September 2014, my friend Harri called me up. He told me that a choir called Inspire that rehearse in Rivers of Joy church needed a bass singer for the upcoming Christmas Concert at the church, and he thought I would be great for this. He said he couldn't come every week, so the tenors and basses needed some more men. I decided that I would join. When I then came, I saw a girl across from me in the soprano section. She looked pretty cute to me. I kept staring at her from afar and smiling.

After the Christmas concert ended, I decided to stay in the choir to practice for the Easter Concert at the church. That same girl was also there. I finally learned her name to be Anjani. It took me a few months to get it correct. I've never been good with names.

I then started to talk to Anjani more and more. After a group outing to a coffee shop and taking her back home once, we soon realized a coincidence between us. The coincidence was that the same building where she was working in was also the same building that I was taking my Arabic classes. After my Arabic classes, I then visited her office multiple times. Sometimes I would even bring gifts. In May 2015, we started dating.

After a couple of months of dating, we both felt that we were meant for each other. We constantly feel we have so much in common and love each other very much. On November 6th, 2015 I proposed to her in front of friends and family. She said yes! We are now planning for our wedding next year and to spend the rest of our lives together in Jesus' mighty name!

Jonathan Watson, Inspire Community Choir